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A/V Receivers

Have you ever had a hard time hearing what was spoken on your favorite show? Have you ever wanted to bring the movie theater experience to your living room? Does your television have very few video connections but your system keeps expanding? Taking home a new A/V Receiver can solve these and more. We can show you which receiver will work for you to create the experience you desire.


Key Features to Look for

dolby-truehd-dtsRaising the bar even higher, these receivers are also designed to bring enhanced clarity, detail and dynamic “quick response” from uncompressed Dolby® True-HD and DTS-HD® Master Audio soundtrack used in blue-ray Disc® entertainment. These two high-definition formats are the leading edge of the home theater multi-channel audio revolution, offering you an entirely surreal surround sound experience.

3dSome of the newest receivers support the latest HDMI 1.4a specifications, meaning that you’re not just getting the most out of your existing movies and music, you’re preparing for the next generation of 3-D video content. As you move up in a brand’s lineup, you will gain more than enough connectivity options for the growing number of high-definition sources available today.

play-buttonSome receivers let you stream audio and photos from your PC, and also let you choose from over 7,5000 internet radio stations giving you an incredible array of musical options and entertainment. Certain models may have an ethernet connection or have a built in Wi-Fi antenna to connect to your wired or wireless network.

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