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remotesThe most popular style of custom programmed remote, the ‘wand style’ is able to be held by one hand. Most utilize a bright color LCD screen for icons, options and additional buttons. Wand remotes have the capability of integrating between 7 and 255 different components, some include rechargeable batteries, and all units have the capability of controlling your components via IR or through walls and doors via an optional RF base station. some can be programmed by the consumer but others require a custom installer to program and demonstrate.


psx-2Universal now has the capability to control your lighting with RF ready Lutron Brand lighting dimmer switches. With a Universal Brand remote custom programmed to control your lighting, you can set the lights without have to move anywhere.



One of the most versatile and advanced remote available, the MX-6000 is a two-way remote capable of sending commands but also receiving meta-data information, such as song artist and title from an iPod installed in a PSX-2 iPod Dock (shown below). With the MX-6000, you can connect to your network through WiFi networking technology for two-way communication which includes iPod information, News, Sports, Weather and Stock updates. This remote has a unique double capacity rechargeable battery to power up the high resolution screen as well as facilitating consistent power for the WiFi connection. Also included is an advanced software to help you setup a computer to be your Music Server for your theater system. This remote is a powerhouse of features!
Universal offers the PSX-2 for your Apple iPod. What makes this dock unique is it’s capability of searching your expansive iPod for the music you seek! Finally, a Universal Approach to iPod.

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