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In Ceiling Speakers

SpeakerA loudspeaker designed to recess into the wall or ceiling for a truly stealth approach to sound. With some designed to angle towards a listener, this speaker can be installed in a larger variety of locations. This speaker also gives you wider frequency response with less visiblity.

Bookshelf Speakers

pioneer-speakersThe most flexible speaker design for most homes to provide the best sound for minimal space consumption is the bookshelf design. Although they may not hit the lowest of frequencies, they are going to give the most towards midbass needs that are missing in small cube speakers. Most are two way speakers, which work great but some are three way that dedicate a driver to the mid sound utilized by most instruments and voices. A bookshelf speaker can solve sound and placement needs.

Tower Speakers

Tower-SpeakersAlthough this type of speaker takes up more usable space in a room, it is the best design capable of recreating the most in sound reproduction. Much of what is desired in other designs in lower frequencies a tower speaker can reproduce. These speakers can also handle higher sound volumes for longer periods of time. Being a closed speaker design, it also is capable of more accurate and predictable sound quality in more home environments due to the face that it is built at the factory with the proper cabinet structure to maximize a wider frequency response. For greater musical fidelity, these speakers are ideal to satisfy audiophile ears as well as discerning listeners.


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